Smart HEARING AIDS with Bluetooth ability

Hearing aid prices in New Zealand are between $2,000 - $9,000 yet it doesn’t need to be.  We now give you the technology you can do it all yourself.  What we are selling is superior to 95% of the products sold in New Zealand and we are taking on that 5% high end (expensive product) with the latest in technology, digitally smaller and you can have the ultimate in control via your cell phone. Battery replacement, is also a thing of the past. .

Hearing Loss often causes Isolation and Depression. Lets change this for you with a sensible smart priced hearing aid  kit and the latest technology.

Now we have combined this with your ''smart phone.." technology...your phone can control the settings on your hearing aid, and you can also answer and make phone calls though the earpiece too!!!

Now thats Smart!!!

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iHear earpiece

You can use two (one in each ear) and listen to your favourite music from your laptop, or a smart phone. For Tinnitus (a ringing high pitched sound in the ear), play some background music / effects to mask this annoying condition via (Android, Samsung, Apple like products etc

Whilst this hearing aid gives you all normal ''hearing aid'' abilities for impaired hearing problems , you can also answer calls on it from your cellphone; just with a quick touch of a button.  Instructions here

Your cellphone is used to setup the right specifications for your ears too!

No need for costly consultation fees!

No Running costs: Simply plug in for charging. The Lithium battery gives the unit a 2-3 day running time, without charging!

No need to replace batteries.


Just $1695.00

$1695.00 including GST and 2 x earpieces
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Loud and Clear   “i Hear  you”


If you have been diagnosed with a hearing loss, and told you need hearing aids...then don''t be ''fooled'' into overpriced units.!

     Those days are GONE!?

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